10th Anniversary Offers

Boat price:
-6 hours (11am – 5pm): 300 euros (up to 6 persons) extra person 25 euros (max 12) -Full day (11 to Sun Set): 450 euros (up to 6 persons) extra person 35 euros (max 12)
-2 days and one night: 900 euros (up to 6 persons) extra person 100 euros (max 8)
-3 days and two nights: 1250 euros (up to 6 persons) extra person 150 euros (max 8) (Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, boat price increase 20%); (ask for other options)

Daily crew price: (In certain conditions it is possible only to hire a skipper)
-6 hours: Skipper 100, Sailor 80 euros
-Full day: Skipper 120 euros, Sailor 100 euros
-Charter with nights: Skipper 150; Sailor 120 euros

BBQ (meat + fish + vegetables): 30 euros per person. (Consult other menus)

Drinks: 10 euros p/p
Towels and sheets: Beach towel 5 euros, Set sheets and bath towels 10 euros p/p.

Prices without VAT (21%)

Fuel: 8 liters per mile (price of the disel on the day of the reservation)

(These prices can be modified without prior notice and the formalized reservations will always be respected. In case of cancellation due to force majeure, 100% of the reservation will be refund.)